How NOT to encourage girls to study science

The EU’s attempt to get more girls into Science is JUST awful.

Watch it and be amazed at how terribly stereotypical and just ridiculous this video is!!

Yes, some female scientists are beautiful (a lot of women who aren’t scientists are too), and there is obviously a huge base of scientists in the cosmetic industry…but trying to attract girls into the sciences cannot and should not be done by adding pink sparkles, make-up and models in short skirts…especially when they’re not actually doing any science. This video looks more like a bad Euro-pop video than a marketing scheme for the sciences.

I’m quite lucky that science is ‘in my blood’. My Grandad was a chemist, my Mum is a Botonist, my Auntie is a Dentist, my sister is an IT geek, and my youngest cousin has just started a degree in Astrophysics. So we’re a pretty mixed bunch, but still, science and women in my family isn’t seen as ‘unusual’… when I decided I wanted to do a PhD in Neuroscience, even the Accountants in my family were supportive.

Also, science is awesome on its own. You don’t need to dress it up in sparkles to see that. We wouldn’t have the amazing technology we all depend upon today if it wasn’t for science. Sure, I love the pink cover on my iPhone, but its the chemists and engineers who designed and tested the durable rubber, and the software and computer scientists who designed the phone and made it ‘do what it does’. I wouldn’t be posting this blog on-line if it wasn’t for the internet, the guys who designed my laptop, and the people that made my glasses. Science is Everywhere! And its awesome.

I’m an avid follower of the increasingly popular ‘I fucking love science‘ Facebook group. Some of their posts are comical, but some just show how amazing science is. From arthropods to asteroids, these guys love anything to do with science.  So rather than making science appealing with make-up and glitter, we should be encouraging more girls to take up  the sciences because Science is Fricking AWESOME.

Rant over.


2 thoughts on “How NOT to encourage girls to study science

  1. See science is awesome!

    I’ve taken part in studies that a legitimately testing the effects of chocolate on various things.

    Also, if you do Chemistry you can genuinely become a Cadbury’s Cocoa Scientist. #ichosethewrongcareer

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