Can you be a little bit Feminist?

I was at a Science Grrl social a few weeks ago in London, a fabulous organisation aimed at encouraging more girls to get into the sciences, because ‘Science is for everyone’. Quite right. I got chatting to one of the young gentlemen who also attended the social (science is for everyone, and so is Science Grrl) and he said ‘So you’re a feminist then?’ To which I replied ‘Um, not really, I just want more gender equality in the sciences…but I suppose in the wider world too.’ He looked puzzled at this and said ‘…so you’re a feminist then?’. I suppose I am. Can you be a little bit feminist? Or is it an all or nothing phenomenon.

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GirlThing Parody

After my rather ranty post a few months ago about the EU’s ‘Science, its a girl thing’, I’m pleased to see some intelligent women from the University of Bristol (from the Psychology department no less!) have come up with a fantastic parody which you can see below:

There’s also new scheme I’ve come across who, also in response to the EU campaign, They’re selling calendars, totes and badges (all of which I’ve bought!) featuring pictures of real women doing real science to raise money for campaigns to get more girls into the sciences. Its a fantastic cause and I hope it generates more support in the future.

Losing ‘lunatic’ from US Code…hurrah!

As an avid follower of the anti-stigma movement in mental health I’m happy to see America is on board!

US federal law (and law from other nations for that matter) is littered with antiquated and outdated terms, so I’m glad to see that some sensible US senators are calling for these words and phrases to be removed from documentation!

To see the full story go to the BBC article.