‘Just ONE Copy of The Daily Mail Could Ruin Your Life’

I never cease to get annoyed when my mother calls me to tell me that ANOTHER of my favourite foods/favourite drinks/bad habits will kill me/give me cancer/cause the ice caps to melt  if I don’t stop doing it immediately. Unfortunately I can’t seem to stop her reading the Daily Mail…though she assures me she only buys it for the crosswords.

So this morning I was glad to some across this little gem, whose author is a fellow hater of all things ridiculous that are printed in the tabloids, everyone should read this:


And thanks to this avid blogger (neurobonkers.com) the Daily Mail won the  ‘Orwellian Prize for Journalistic Misrepresentation‘ this year. Sadly they are now also the ‘most read online news website in the world’. Its a sad day for science journalism.