Monkeys and Mind control…

Ok so I’m getting a bit too into the whole tabloid ‘sensationalist’ titles, but this article is really cool.

I receive monthly emails from which tells me about new and exciting research in all domains of science, and I thought this one was just too interesting so had to share it:

New Scientist has recently published an article about a monkey calle Jianhui who can control a robot hand when he moves his own hand. They do this by implanting two sensors in his brain. Now, I’m not always pro-animal testing, but he looks pretty chill in this photo (below) with his fetching swim cap on, and gets drinks as a reward, so I think I’m ok with it.

Image: China Daily China Daily Information Corp – CDIC/Reuters)

I love research like this that shows just how much we can do with technology, and how much further work with direct brain control has come. Also, this could really help people in the future who rely on prosthetic arms to have better quality of life, which is always good.