Can you be a little bit Feminist?

I was at a Science Grrl social a few weeks ago in London, a fabulous organisation aimed at encouraging more girls to get into the sciences, because ‘Science is for everyone’. Quite right. I got chatting to one of the young gentlemen who also attended the social (science is for everyone, and so is Science Grrl) and he said ‘So you’re a feminist then?’ To which I replied ‘Um, not really, I just want more gender equality in the sciences…but I suppose in the wider world too.’ He looked puzzled at this and said ‘…so you’re a feminist then?’. I suppose I am. Can you be a little bit feminist? Or is it an all or nothing phenomenon.

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Reading ‘The Sun’ is bad for mental health: Why negative or shocking headlines are a hindrance to helping people.

Ok so this Blog title was a bit sensationalist, but it was meant in an ironic way.

I’ve just been to a seminar by former Guardian journalist Mary O’Hara, who has teamed up with researchers from the University of California, Berkeley to investigate how mental health is reported in the UK and US press now and in the past. Some of the results are no surprise, but some were quite shocking and show we have a long way to go before issues of mental health lose their stigma in society.

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